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ThermalToursENG - Városi Fürdő Kaposvár - Kaposvár
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Városi Fürdő Kaposvár

7400- Kaposvár
Csík Ferenc sétány 1.


You may refresh your self in a comfortable spa if you visit Kaposvár. The spa is situated in a large, well-kept park. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic, iodide, fluorite and bromide thus it is mostly recommended for those who have rheumatism, muscular pain, some kind of backbone problems or are after accident injury and rehabilitation. You may also use this water as drinking cure against stomach problems, gastroenteritis or gall-bladder disease.


The spa was rebuilt in recent years according to the claims of the guests. Nowadays there are different kinds of pools inside the complex which include thermal pools, swimming pools and small pools for the children. Besides these, different kinds of wellness and therapeutic treatments are also available like massages, sauna, solarium or therapeutic gymnastics.


There are very few finds from the early middle ages in Kaposvár. The reason is that this land was a marshy land, thus very few people settled here during the 11-13C. The first important event was the foundation of the Benedict monastery in Zselicszentjakab (1061). The first settlements became important during Turkish times. A fortress was built here. Kaposcár was defended time after time and in 1555 it became part of the Ottoman Empire for 131 years. In the 18C the fortress was destroyed by the Hapsburgs to avenge Kaposvár’s participation in the war of independence lead by Ferenc Rákóczi. You can still see some ruins of the former castle near the railway station.

The town was reconstructed after the wars. The Esterházy family had an important role in the reconstruction of Kaposvár. They made this town the center of their land around Kaposvár. In the 19C it was already the center of the comitat. Its inhabitants became real citizens. The town had a lively cultural life with its own journal, theatre, schools and its economy flourished with its new factories, the markets and the railway station.

It is even nowadays an important cultural, administrative and industrial center. The old center of the town was reconstructed in recent years thus tourism is getting more and more important in Kaposvár.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa some interesting programs, exhibitions and imposing buildings are waiting for you in the center of the town. It is worth to take a walk in Kaposvár!

The eclectic Town Hall stands in Kossuth square. It was built at the beginning of the 20C. Nearby is the statue of Lajos Kossuth. The County House was built in classicist style. It is nowadays a museum where you can see displays of the famous Hungarian painter’s, Rippl-Rónai’s works or some interesting exhibitions about local history. If you like to know more about Rippl-Rónai, you should visit his former mansion on Hill Rome, where he used to work. Besides these some other interesting museums and exhibitions are waiting for you in Kaposvár with temporary displays like the Vaszary Gallery with exhibitions about modern arts, or the Statue Park in the Gallery of Kaposfüred (Kaposfüredi Galéria).

After, you should take a walk to the former domanial center of the Esterházy family which is a hotel nowadays (Csokonai Hotel) or to the old Theatre of Kaposvár.

Besides these Kaposvár has some beautiful, well-kept parks where you can take a rest after walking around the town. Those who like to take excursions should explore the surrounding land and villages as well because this land is rich in natural beauties.



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